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Kairen Alaina is a mother of three, a grandmother of five (so far) and a, once upon a time, childcare worker.

As a youngster, she remembers eagerly listening

to bedtime stories made up by family members, then later, she cherished storytimes with her own little ones.

These experiences evolved into a dream to write children’s books, but with work, art and a busy lifestyle, this dream was set upon the back burner.


During the 2021 lockdown and a lot of free time Kairen had a chance to realise her dream.

She not only wrote, but illustrated, designed and self published her first children's book- 


I Can Do That.

A Little Girl’s Day of Big Challenges


Taking on a new (to her) medium of digital painting she lovingly crafted a relatable story that not only entertains, but encourages independence

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